News of our Passionist Fathers & Brothers

Passionists in the news…

August 17 brought a four-fold blessing to the Holy Cross ProvinceFOUR new novices!  Alleluia!  Please do keep them in your prayers.

Four novices in front row: Glenn Bisquera, David Kojak,
Antonio Aquino and Juan Gonzalez.
May our Holy Founder intercede powerfully for them! 


August also brought us the blessing of two new friends from afar – Fr. Gregor Lenzen, Passionist of Germany (at left), and Fr. Emery, diocesan priest of Austria but teaching at Mundelein Seminary.

We were glad to learn about the Church abroad and particularly our Passionists in Germany/Austria.


September 28 brought a new Superior General to the Passionist Congregation, Fr. Joachim Rego, CP. Please pray for him and his Consulters as they begin their 6-year term in service of the Congregation.

Click here for a recap of the Passionist General Chapter which just concluded this past weekend October 7th.


3 thoughts on “News of our Passionist Fathers & Brothers

  1. I’m writing about your announcement about the Passionist ‘Fathers’ and the new novices. Unfortunately this statement omits a part of the congregation – ‘the Brothers’. This oversight is wounding to those who are called to Passionist religious life and are not called to the clerical vocation. One would think that consciousness has been raised decades ago to prevent this oversight.

  2. Thank you John. We certainly have an appreciation for the Brotherhood – how could we not! – since we share the same vocation of total consecration. I will make a change to the title of this post. Please accept my apologies for this oversight. – Sponsa Christi

  3. I would like to take the time and say thank you Sisters for all the prayers , love and support. Please know we are united in prayer and mission with you.

    Sorry I can’t make it to Sister’s Cecilia Profession but please count in our prayers.

    In his Light Respectfully ,
    Juan Gonzalez+

    Dear Juan, Thank you for leaving a comment here! We are delighted to hear from you – one of our Passionist novices! Blessed be God. Yes, you have our prayerful support as you discern the will of God. May our paths cross one day. Until then, we are your sisters in the Passion of Jesus, Sponsa Christi


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