A Day for Those Who Pray

Next Thursday is devoted to praying for “Those Who Pray” – that is – a day devoted to praying for the prayer warriors. Yes, we need prayers too! It is called “Pro Orantibus Day” and was instituted by Blessed Pope John Paul II in 1997 to be celebrated each year on November 21st – the Feast of the Presentation of Mary in the Temple. You can learn more about Pro Orantibus Day here.

The following is part of a reflection by Most Rev. Joseph Tobin, C.Ss.R.   Archbishop-elect for the Indianapolis diocese.

Contemplative monks and nuns pursue a manner of living in which the faith they profess and celebrate gradually becomes life itself. In this way, they strive to heal the terrible schizophrenia that happens to Christians when faith is separated from life. This manner of living is held together by some important forces, such as the wisdom of the liturgical year, offered by the Church as a way of re-living the great events of our salvation. The liturgy invites the contemplatives to immerse their lives in the life of Christ, so that He might transform them to ever more resemble Him. In union with the entire People of God, the community drinks each day from the fountain of the liturgy, as the members continue their pilgrimage towards the “promised land” that is the glorified body of their Risen Lord.

Find the rest of that reflection here.



One thought on “A Day for Those Who Pray

  1. Nice to see the reflection from Archbishop Tobin! I am in the process of moving back to Indy, my hometown. My husband has just gotten the job of archdiocesan director of liturgical music and is frantically preparing for the installation of Archbishop Tobin next month! I am eager to read anything written by our new archbishop and expect very good things from him. I’ll be keeping you in my prayers on Pro Orantibus day!
    Oh Yea! It seems you will have a wonderful archbishop. May the Holy Spirit inspire your husband in his important duties!


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