Saving the Best for Last

Perhaps you are wondering what us nuns have been doing here in the monastery lately…well, I actually have some fantastic super-duper neat wonderful news to share with you but I shall save the best for last…now no rushing to the bottom of the post!


That’s a LOT of leaves! and thanks to Anne Hagan and Joe Bland who rallied the troops we have lots of leaves to use for mulch in the garden, these will decay a bit during the winter and get plowed into the earth next spring. God bless you all for your generous help!



Fall time also means that the days are shorter and it seems a bit harder to get up and get going in the morning…at least for some of the Sisters.


Can you believe this REALLY happened to one of the Sisters last week (minus the mouse! – please Lord – keep the mice outside!) Yes, her cup was upside down when she began to pour. She couldn’t quite grasp how her cup could be over-flowing so quickly!


And now for the excellent news: Shortly before our retreat in November the Chapter members met for a most auspicious occasion…we voted to admit our novice Sr. Cecilia Maria to make her First Profession of Passionist vows on Consecrated Life Day, February 2, 2013.Β  Please keep her in your prayers as she prepares for her wedding day.Β  Not only does she have her wedding veils to make but our Lord finds many ways to enlarge the capacity of His soon-to-be-bride to receive His love and give it away to her sisters in community AND to her spiritual children throughout the world.



LASTLY…once Sister makes her First Profession of vows we will have 3 blessed junior professed sisters (meaning they have not yet made the Perpetual Profession)…this is wonderful…BUT that also means that our novitiate (where the aspirants, postulants and novices reside) needs some news members. We must keep the novice directress plenty busy…don’t want any sister here twiddling her thumbs. So please ask the Lord to send us new members that we may continue to form young women into Passionist brides fulfilling our mandate of Love in the Heart of the Church.

God love you!


13 thoughts on “Saving the Best for Last

  1. Dear Sisters

    Wonderful news about Sr Cecilia Maria’s vows to come! Such a special thing to be looking forward to, for her, and for all of the Sisters too. I will hold you all in my heart as we prepare for the coming of our Lord through Advent (my favourite time of year!). Please pass on my congratulations to her.

    I love how you share a tiny part of your cloister with us here. As a solitary, my cloister is in my heart, and I love reading about Sisters whom God has called together to serve him in contemplative community.

    Blessings in him we love and serve!
    Sr Therese

    Thank you for sharing your joy and your support!

  2. Hi Sisters – Congrats to Sr. Cecilia Maria!

    As far as finding some new novices, have you heard of the organization “Imagine Sisters”? They work online and on college campuses to help young women discern possible calls to religious life. A lot of what they seem to do is to post videos and photos from different religious orders on Facebook to give women a sense of the life and charism of the different groups.

    Anyway, if you haven’t heard of them, you might want to check them out. They might be able to give you some publicity!

    Dear Julie, thank you for sharing about Imagine Sisters with me. You are the 2nd person who has told me to get in touch with them. I actually went to their website for the first time two days ago. God-willing, I will contact them soon!
    – Sponsa Christi

  3. I’ve been following Sr. Cecilia Maria’s journey since she was in your blog for the first time! I can’t tell you how much her spiritual dedication (and that of all the nuns) inspires me.

  4. Are we supposed to guess which Sister did the coffee trick? I have my suspicions.

    Congratulations to Sister Cecilia Maria! It looks like she is making her veil just perfect!

    Welcome back home to the States Jane and Tim. See you in February!

  5. God bless Sr. Cecilia! Please have a Holy and Happy Christmas!

    I pray for you and I love you!

    With God’s love and Prayers,


  6. Oh!!! That is wonderful news! I am so excited for Sr Cecilia Maria! Be assured of my prayers as you prepare for your beautiful day!

  7. Do Junior-Professed sisters wear a shorter veil than final-professed sisters? So happy for Sister Cecilia Maria

    No. πŸ™‚


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