It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year…

That’s right – it is one of the most wonderful times of the year! As we prepare for to celebrate the birth of our Messiah we have been baking goodies, having visits, wrapping gifts, decorating, answering letters, writing Christmas cards, even rushing a sister to Urgent Care and chasing a bat out of chapel…not a dull moment in the cloister.


Often at this time of the year we receive many a donated banana…which means it is time to make banana bread, banana muffins, banana fruit bowls, etc.


A quick way to mash about 20 bananas


Sister mixing the dry ingredients with the wet for the banana bread


Efficient way to fill the bread pans and get them into the ovens


Making banana bran muffins


Christmas Banana Bread – isn’t it pretty?



This week we enjoyed a visit with a group of the Fathers of Mercy and four of their guests, plus our 2 dear parish priests. Please pray for an increase of vocations to the priesthood and religious life!


Yes, you read correctly, one of our sisters had a fall out back on the gravel. Thank God it didn’t turn out to be anything serious. As we returned with Sister from Urgent Care we found out that the rest of the Sisters had come upon an unwelcome guest as they were preparing for exposition of the Blessed Sacrament and Vespers.  Somehow a bat had made its way into chapel!  We called our trusty friend & fire fighter Ronny and his wife – dubbed “Batman” and  “Robin” – who came with a type of wand light which he used to lure the bat to the door and to the great outdoors where he/she belongs.


..and this is only some of the “temporal” things happening in the cloister…the “spiritual” side of things is much more exciting but that is between each Sister and her Beloved.

O Come, O Come Emmanuel!


Advent waiting…with the prophets…for our Great High Priest
to come and save us


He is coming soon…Maranatha!  Come Lord Jesus!



4 thoughts on “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year…

  1. I’m glad Sister is okay! I’m trying to picture a bat in the chapel and I just keep drawing a blank. I guess that’s a good thing. haha. My Bethany helped her uncle and cousin bake 27 pecan pies for Christmas and she loved doing it. I wonder if I can talk her into some banana bread with this post. 😉

    I’m just a teeny tiny Passionist but I do love those Fathers of Mercy!!!

    Hope you all have a Blessed Christmas! We love you!

  2. Dear All,

    Great pictures of getting ready for Christmas! We made banana nut muffins yesterday, but not quite as many.

    Merry Christmas to all, Jane

  3. Dear Sisters,

    For those who think the cloister is quiet and uneventful, you have proven the world wrong on that account.

    Whenever I have visited the Passionist Sisters here in Pittsburgh, I found them to be more alive than some of the folks I know at home. hahaha

    Please know of my love and my prayers for you this Christmas and all through the year. I hope that one day I can visit you in Kentucky.

    May the Infinite who became an infant bless you now and always,

    Sandy Ozanich
    Pittsburgh Passionist Associate

    Dear Sandy, we’d love to have you make a retreat here. Always nice to hear from new people! Blessed Christmas

  4. Dear Sisters,
    Wanted to share with you the words to this hymn, originally in Spanish. It was a favorite of St. Josemaria. I would love to share the recording, but don’t know how to send it to you.
    Christmas greetings to you and to my old friends, the Passionists of Erlanger.
    An English translation of “Madre en la Puerta”:

    1. “Mother, at the door there’s a little Child,
    Lovelier than the radiant sun
    Saying that he’s chilled with cold
    For his clothes are thin and torn.”
    “Bring him to the fireside blaze, give him plate and cup;
    Loving-kindness these days has nearly all dried up.” (x 2)

    2. So the Child came and sat down,
    Where the fire was bright and warm
    And the kindly housewife asked him
    What country he came from.
    “My Mother’s from Heaven, and my Father too
    Down to earth I’ve come, where – suffering’s my due.” (x 2)

    3. “Make up a bed for this noble Child
    In my alcove, the best we can.”
    “Don’t do that for me, my lady,
    In a corner I’ll lay me down.
    On the cold hard floor I’ve slept, ever since my birth
    Such will be my bedding till I leave this earth.” (x 2)

    Bless you Lora!


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