A Novitiate Tea Party

Many reasons to celebrate…

…the Incarnation of the Word
…the Baptism of the Word made Flesh
…the Feast day of the Novice Directress – the little bearer of the Word to the Novices and Postulants…


And we had a delightful tea party in her honor this week…anticipating her feast day, January 13, which this year is superseded by the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord.


Among the goodies on the china platter are some treats from our little sister-in-the-world who is finishing up her college.
God bless you for your gifts Elizabeth!


Baptizing the tea cup?


Nothing like a home-made feast day card from novice to novice directress! This one has excerpts from the lovely poem of St. Therese “Living on Love”. We love St. Therese and all our new members are formed in her spirit of love,
surrender and confidence


Sister Mary Veronica delights in her feast day gift – new candles for the Divine Mercy Chapel! (This is the little Blessed Sacrament chapel in the 2nd floor cell wing which the novitiate has the privilege of cleaning and decorating.)


Sister Cecilia Maria sings a song in honor of her dear novice directress…many memories together these past 3 years as Sr. Mary Veronica prepared her for her First Profession of Vows.

The fulfillment of Sr. Cecilia Maria’s time in the novitiate is almost upon us

…is God perhaps calling YOU to take her place
…to discern if He is calling you to be a Passionist Bride of the Word
…to be a little bearer of the Word-Incarnate-Love for the waiting World

Pray about it…


2 thoughts on “A Novitiate Tea Party

  1. “Passionist Nuns” and “Tea Party” may just go viral on the internet….as well it should.

    What a lovely table!

    Happy Feast Day, Sr. Mary Veronica! We love you!

  2. The witness of your sisterly love and the value placed on little acts of love is very powerful. The charity of prayers and the writings offered on “In the Shadows of His Wings” is a gift to us on the outside.
    You are loved and prayed for daily.
    Anthony, T.O.Carm.

    PS Happy feast day Sr Mary Veronica!

    God reward you Anthony!


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