Pictures of Profession of Vows are Here!

I don’t have time to give you much text but here are the photos of the divine wedding day!





Beautiful bouquet of flowers from our Passionist Nuns in Erlanger, KY!


Bishop Medley incenses the altar and crucifix.


Fr. Rodger Hunter-Hall gives the homily


Sister makes her profession of Vows. Her mother looks on in the distance.



Master of Ceremonies seminarian Will Thompson watches the masterful switching of the veils…








Giving her dad the sign of peace






A number of gals from Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green, KY joined us for the great occasion…perhaps a future Passionist candidate is somewhere in their midst???


Sr. Cecilia Maria’s dear sister did a most excellent job playing during the Profession Mass. Here she is practicing the day before.


The newly professed nun with her parents and dear grandmother. Really they aren’t wearing purple…


Hats off to our wonderful photographer Larena who provided most of the pictures in this post! Shown here with our diocesan seminarian Michael Charles.

Another post will come giving credit to our dear Bishop, priests, deacons, seminarians, Passionist Oblates, photographers and videographers…special thanks also to the friends of Sr. Cecilia Maria who traveled so far to be with her on this very special day. It was a true joy to meet you all!


14 thoughts on “Pictures of Profession of Vows are Here!

  1. What a profound event! It is like the threshold between Heaven and earth! Many blessings upon Sister as she takes a new step in her espousal to Christ!

  2. I love Sr. Cecilia Maria and I am so happy for her and for her family, as well as for all of you, but this post makes me think mostly of how wonderfully blessed we are to have Bishop Medley. He is such a dear person. What a blessing it is to have such a joyful man as our bishop. We could not ask for a better bishop. God bless him, Sr. Cecilia Maria, and all the Passionist Nuns.

  3. Thank you for these first pictures! The large cross photos are stunning. I especially liked the watchful eyes of the Master of Ceremonies seminarian Will Thompson during the masterful switching of the veils. God Bless you all!

  4. Thanks for the pictures. Sister Cecilia looked so joyful. May God bless her — and all of you, Sisters!

    Love in Christ,


  5. Thank you for the pictures! Such obvious joy on all of those beautiful faces. I love the Passionist profession. Does the sister walk amid the church carrying the cross?

    No, once the Sister has received all the insignia she stands at the sanctuary and we sing a hymn called “Veni Sponsa Christi”, after this the cross is removed and she returns to her pew for the intercessions. Crown of thorns stays on until after Mass.
    – Sponsa Christi

  6. Congratulations to Sr. Cecelia Maria! You look radiant with joy in these pictures and everything looked so beautiful for your vows! God bless you and may Our Lady continue to shower you with graces on your journey! In Our Lady, Sr. Kathleen H

    How sweet to hear from you Sister! – Sponsa Christi

  7. As a former member of The Church of the Assumption choir in Bellingham, WA, which Sister Cecilia Maria directed prior to her coming to St. Joseph Monastery, I am filled with profound joy and a sense of awe as she leaves behind a legacy of faith of love in the city in which her family resides, and now takes the next step forward in her earthly journey towards our eternal home.

  8. I am also a former Church of the Assumption choir member in Bellingham, WA who is so blessed to be able to lovingly follow Sr. Cecilia Maria on her sacred journey. Thank you so very much for posting the wonderful homily and these precious photos…they have brought tears to my eyes and tremendous joy to my heart & soul. I am honored beyond words to share in this glorious time and send my deepest congratulations to Sr. Cecilia Maria, her family, and all of the Passionist sisters. May God abundantly bless you all.

  9. Dear Sister,
    I am overjoyed to see you as a Passionist nun! Congratulations! The Passionists are near and dear to our hearts, as Fr. Giovanni Zubiani, the postulator general in Rome, is a close friend of ours.
    We hope to visit you one of these days! Thanks be to God for your vocation.

    God be with you,

  10. Congratulations Sr. Cecilia Marie. And a BIG THANK YOU for sharing all these beautiful pictures of this WEDDING! Oh to love Him more is my prayer for all of you and all who hold Him close within the cloister of their own hearts.

  11. Hi Sister Cecilia,
    Congratulations! I am so happy for you…
    Bridget from Bellingham shared some of her memories of your special day with me. I have just entered Our Lady of the Redwoods (OCSO)…I think you were a former parishioner of Assumption?

    Blessings in Christ,


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