Video of Passionist Nun Vows

Today is the one month anniversary of Sr. Cecilia Maria’s wedding to the King!

Here are some YouTube links to various parts of the Passionist Mass of Religious Profession. Special thanks to NunMother – Sr. Cecilia Maria’s mother – for uploading these!

Here is one special little story from that weekend of abundant joy and grace:

Both her parents, Jane and Tim, her maternal grandmother, Anita, and her only sibling, Whitney made the lengthy journey from the West coast. They arrived Friday night. The next morning they were all in chapel; Tim was setting up a video camera as Whitney and Mother Catherine Marie practiced the various music they were going to play for the Mass. (Whitney accompanied us beautifully on violin.)  When they started playing “O God Beyond All Praising” Tim stopped dead in his tracks and after a few moments he whispered, “That was the processional hymn for our wedding”.  He was obviously deeply touched.  Sr. Cecilia Maria was totally clueless to this fact when she asked if we could learn this song for her profession.  What a lovely arrangement by Divine Providence! And, how many men remember the processional hymn from their wedding day!?

The recessional hymn is linked here on YouTube.

Also, don’t miss the masterful switching of the veils and the catch of the crown of thorns when sister bowed during the offertory procession!

Here are a few more photos from the day…


Some people will do anything for a unique camera shot!

That is Fr. Joshua McCarty, one of our young diocesan priests, at the top of the ladder. (and our Msgr Powers’ “calmly” sitting beneath it!) In 2011  Fr. Josh founded Lolek Productions in order to create high quality media as a part of the New Evangelization called for by John Paul II.


Truly, a singular view point!



3 thoughts on “Video of Passionist Nun Vows

  1. The videos that were uploaded by Sr. Cecilia Maria’s mother were so very beautiful!!! This was a truly inspirational, memorable and blessed day….congratulations to Sr. Cecilia Maria!

  2. Dear Sisters! We just watched all of the videos with Grandma Mary. Grandma says they were all beautiful. Sending you lots of big hugs!

    Oh – how wonderful! Greetings to Grandma Mary! God bless you “NunMother” for uploading the videos. 🙂
    – Sponsa Christi


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