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After spending time going through the troubleshooting list of our Spam Free plug-in and getting no where…my Computer Guru-Sister had the idea of just getting rid of that ole plug-in and seeing if a comment would then come in…this idea was backed up by our tech guy. YES, the comment came right on in!  So we now have a new Spam Free Plug-in.  It has been working for about 5 minutes now…so, if you want to leave a comment about a previous post I would love to hear from you and so would the other Sisters here who read your comments!

I would especially like to hear from you if you tried to contact us about disseminating our vocation brochures



15 thoughts on “Leave a Comment!

  1. Wait, I’m leaving a comment on this post, but you say: “if you want to leave a comment about a previous post I would love to hear from you and so would the other Sisters here who read your comments!”

    Does this mean I should not leave this comment here, but somewhere else? If so, where?

    The whole endeavor seems fraught with peril. 🙂


  2. I look forward to receiving updates from the Monastery. It is a continual reminder of your presence in my life and for the Church. I only wish that I lived closer.

  3. I love this site. I’m a Vincentian at St. Vincent de Paul in Interlachen, Florida. I would be happy to bring your brochure to the Parish.

  4. Dear Sisters so glad to see you have a web site. I grew up visiting with you in Owensboro. My Great Aunt Mary Oberst along with my parents Bill And Frances enjoyed many a Sunday evening making the visit. I remember the little turn cannister that we exchanged presents through. Hope your lives are continuing to be filled with love and enjoyment. Thank you for the memories that are forever imprinted in my mind.

  5. Good Morning!

    This is my test to see if the comments are working again. What plug in did you have use that caused the problem? Many times enhancements and addons to applications create conflict that prevent proper function. Glad everything appears to be working properly again!

  6. Hello Sister,

    Love your blog! God bless you for sharing!

    Love and prayers in J.X.P.
    Sr Mary Agnes

  7. Happy to comment! I really enjoy this site because it is the “face” of a community that appears happy, healthy and loving. There is a lightness of heart here and an overall contentedness that speaks to the mystery of the contemplative vocation. I enjoy the blog’s style and overall feel. It always enjoy coming here; it seems like home in many ways! Keep up the good work!

  8. Smitty, who left the first comment, is my very protestant friend who enjoys doing favors for Passionist nuns out of Christian charity. How cool is that?

  9. This is a wonderful blog and I am happy that the comment section is up and running!!! I have requested vocation brochures via snail mail so the request should be arriving to you soon!

  10. Hello. I just wanted to say I love looking at your website and all the photos of your daily lives. I am not Catholic or to be honest even religious but I find seeing how you all live so simply and always seem so happy and content in the lives you have chosen that it makes me feel happy and less stressed. Such peace and serenity in this hectic world! 🙂

  11. Hi,
    I’m so glad for you dear sisters and for your website. I must confess that when I get overwhelmed with the craziness of the world, I come to your website to see what normal and real is like and what really matters.

    God bless you and preserve you in your vocation.

  12. Re: a Catholic spirituality information question please

    What is another term for ‘redemptive suffering’, in the sense of ‘offering up’ one’s burden for the cause of another. For example, if an ill individual of faith constructively offers up their suffering on behalf of a known struggle someone else is bearing somewhere else, this, I believe, would be an example of redemptive suffering. But I have a vague memory that there is another, maybe well known descriptor, of this concerpt…i.e., _______ suffering. Fill in the blank. I just cannot think of the missing word, but there is, if I remember correctly, another term that means same or similar as redemptive suffering. Have you any feedback on this please? Redemptive suffering is a perfectly perfect term; it’s just I am wracking my brain to remember another, synonymous term–especially that connotes constructively ‘offering up’ ones suffering for the benefit of another who bears a burden. ???



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