Passionist Nuns Retreat House


A couple weeks ago I promised to post some spring pictures.  These photos are of our Retreat Plaza – one area set aside for our retreatants.

This area is just outside of the retreatants’ dining room.

You can see some of the monastery roof
on the other side of the fence.

Sweet Mother and Child welcome all who come to draw near to God.

Our Founder, St. Paul of the Cross, desired that a place be set apart in the monastery for women retreatants and most monasteries of Passionist Nuns have or had an area designated for this.  In the 1960’s or perhaps it was the 1970’s our community decided to stop the retreats because it was too difficult to maintain silence and recollection with lay women staying within the cloistered areas. It was only during our relocation in 1995 that we were able to once again take up this practice of offering a place of silence and solitude.  But now the retreatants’ area is in a place outside our cloister and therefore priests, religious and men and women laity can make retreats here. We have such a wonderful architectural design that there can be a house full of retreatants and it does not impede the solitude of the Nuns.

Interested in making a retreat?  Click here to learn more. Contact us with your questions.


5 thoughts on “Passionist Nuns Retreat House

  1. That is so beautiful, but I think if I weren’t drowning in teenagers, I’d feel out of place.

  2. Very peaceful and lovely!!! It seems as though many of the sisters have “green thumbs!” The flowers are so beautiful that adorn the retreat house and Mother and Child statue.

  3. How beautiful! I wish I could make a retreat but I live so far away. What are the flowers at Our Lady’s feet? Are they roses? Beautiful!

  4. That is an Ever-blooming rose bush. Thankfully they do well in poor soil – of which we have a lot around here! Really, you can’t call what we have soil or dirt – it is more like clay and when it hasn’t rained for a week the ground cracks open about a half inch!


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