7 Stages of Discernment – The Second Stage

Stage 2: Latency Period

A woman in stage 2 has now been thinking about religious life for some time. Not every day however; more days may pass when she does not think about it at all. The idea surfaces from time to time, usually at Mass, while praying or when another person mentions it. She is not convinced this is her call and sometimes may prematurely “decide” that she is not being called to religious life.


Nonetheless, she has gathered more information…she is usually a “cyber discerner”, learning about religious life in an anonymous way through the internet. She prays about her vocation occasionally asking God to give her a sign. Usually she is hoping that the idea of being a nun is a passing fancy, that she might be able just to get married, have kids and forget all about it. If she is an adult she may be in a dating relationship and hoping to fall in love. The primary emotions are fear and denial. A woman in this stage is not very excited about it!

Next Week: Stage 3 – The Assessment Period…



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