What’s Happening at the Passionist Monastery?

Some random happenings in the monastery during the month of November…


St. Mary of the Woods Nun Run led by
Father of Mercy Fr. Ken Geraci –
Thanks Fr. Ken for your support of Passionist life!


Some of the Nuns shelling pecans at evening recreation. Yes, we still had the gaudeamus day balloons and streamers up from Mother Catherine Marie’s celebration – they stayed up until the end of our Thanksgiving Day Gaudeamus.


Sr. Marie Michael is one of those sisters who flees from cameras and was quite  gleeful when she thought she wouldn’t be in the group picture. Little did she know I would get this close-up. By the way, I did OK this one with her before posting it on the blog.  She is a good sport!


For the past 3 falls we have met with a group of First Year Philosophy  seminarians from St. Meinrad. This year brought us one of our own Owensboro seminarians in the mix – welcome John Sohl! (pictured at far left)


Nora from New York was with us for a week-long live-in. It was a joy to have her prayerful, down-to-earth presence in our midst. We hope she comes back soon!  By the way, how many young ladies do you know who can skin, gut, cook and after all that, enjoy eating a wild turkey?  That’s our Nora!


Aspirant Elizabeth led our October rosary procession


Here Elizabeth is giving us a fab piano concert the last night she was with us.

FANTASTIC NEWS!  Elizabeth is planning to return to enter the monastery on January 5th – the Solemnity of the Epiphany of the Lord!  Please keep her and her loved ones in your prayers. We can’t wait to see you again postulant-to-be Elizabeth!


4 thoughts on “What’s Happening at the Passionist Monastery?

  1. I can’t wait to see you all again, either. 🙂

    Yay! It’s postulant-to-be Elizabeth!

  2. My goodness, and I thought we were busy! Such great news!

    What are the pecans going to be used for? My daughter helped her uncle and cousin bake 24 pecan pies for Christmas gifts, this weekend. I’ll have to show her this post so she’ll know they’re not the only ones with a lot of pecans.

    God bless Elizabeth, Nora, and the Passionist Nuns. We love you!

    We used some of the pecans in homemade candy we made for Thanksgiving Day! The use of the rest is still in the mind of God. Wow – 24 pecan pies – I have made 8 at one time on a number of occasion but never 24! – Sponsa Christi

  3. Sister! This is called Burying the Lede!

    I know I kind of snuck in EXCELLENT news in this post! Hopefully no one will miss it!


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