Epiphany Grace

If YOU were to enter the monastery wouldn’t it be cool to enter on the great solemnity of Epiphany?

Our Christmas Angels think so…


and they are decked in New Year splendor…


to greet Elizabeth and her family who will “appear” Saturday
for her monastery entrance on Sunday.

We pray they have safe travels from Florida as they meet up with snow and frigid temps.  By the way, it is so cold here (next 3 or 4 days we are expecting sub-zero temps) that our heat pumps in chapel are shut down and we are reciting the Divine Office in our parlor. Praise God we have heat in the other areas of the monastery!


Back to Elizabeth’s arrival…even our “out board” got in on the action as we have awaited her return since she finished her aspirancy in November.

Deo Gratias!

This is the glorious day on which Christ himself, the savior of the world, appeared; the prophets foretold him, the angels worshiped him;
the Magi saw his star and rejoiced to lay their treasures at his feet.

God’s holy day has dawned for us at last; come, all you peoples, and adore the Lord.
The Magi saw his star and rejoiced to lay their treasures at his feet.

Responsory for Office of Readings

Read St. Leo the Great’s sermon for this divine feast.  (Scroll down to Second Reading)

Blessed Epiphany to you and yours!


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