Guest Turkeys at the Monastery

Ever seen a wild turkey up close?  Well…now you have.


After Mid-afternoon Prayer we heard some loud knocking on the door leading out to our cemetery.

We have guests!

I ran (do nuns run?) to get the camera and got some close-ups.


The one on the left did all the pecking on the window.


The one on the right kept vigil…


along with the other 3 in the back.

It was like the turkey on the left was trying to break-in and the other 4 were on guard.


Aren’t they lovely to behold? Most of the Sisters did not agree with my assessment.  Too bad…

I just googled about turkeys pecking at windows and most likely the turkey thinks it is seeing a rival and is trying to get rid of it.  We have crows that do this as well. The articles I read say this means these birds have become human-habituated…

It’s been quite chilly around here. Today it got up to 2 degrees outside and the chapel is holding steady at 59 degrees. We only have Mass in there. We are reciting the Divine Office and having Eucharistic Adoration in our Parlor.

We have a young woman arriving tomorrow for a week live-in!  Please keep her in your prayers as we pilgrim through a time of discernment. May  God’s awesome plan be known!


5 thoughts on “Guest Turkeys at the Monastery

  1. Oh wow. That is amazing. I’ve seen lots of turkeys but never have I seen one knock on a door. This is priceless!

    Will be praying.

  2. Too funny about the turkeys! We actually had one do the same at our home several years ago. I think he may have been someone’s pet gone astray but still odd to have a turkey knocking at the window.

    Sending prayers for the new live-in and for all there at the monastery.

    Stay warm and be blessed!

  3. Pretty birds! I think they were cold and wanted to come inside. An article I found said, “They’re smart and learn from experience. Their intelligence helps determine their stance toward humans. A bird that tries to intimidate a human being and succeeds will then be more likely to try intimidation again. For that reason, I advise that if you’re strolling down a sidewalk and encounter an aggressive tom who declines to move, you should show him who’s boss.
    Do not back down; do not walk around the bird. Confront it directly; yell, wave your arms, shoo it out of your way. Whatever you do, don’t turn and run. The turkey will interpret that for what it is–proof that you are weak—and will chase you. Or peck you–hard. There’s a hierarchy among turkeys,” a pecking order of sorts: birds peck each other to assert their dominance.”

    “They can peck hard enough to break glass: A turkey that sees itself reflected in a window will peck the window, believing it to be another bird. It’s rare for a bird to break a window. But they’re capable of it, if they got a running go at it.”

    I hope the visiting young woman has a wonderful live-in experience as she is discerning. Stay warm!

  4. Knock and the door shall be opened? Turkeys being all God intended them to be is true praise to their creator! They indeed have their vocation too ! Hello to Sr. Rose Marie!

    Lynn Hogan Houston Texas
    St Clare of Assisi Parish

  5. Wild turkeys seem to know the most peaceful places on earth. We also have them at a hermitage retreat center, Pacem in Terris, here in MN. They are noisey, but rather friendly! Hello to all the Sisters! Stay warm!


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