Cold and Chill – Bless the Lord!

We are finally getting some snow that sticks…yesterday Mother Catherine Marie extended noon recreation through silence time for those adventurous souls.

This evening we are in the midst of an ice storm…thought I would post these photos tonight in case the ice breaks the power lines and we don’t have electricity upon rising at 4:30 a.m. for the Office of Readings…

We shall see what adventures tomorrow brings. I hope to get some good photos as it is a winter wonderland out there with everything covered in ice crystals…we may possibly get an inch of ice…

Ice and snow – bless the Lord!


Elizabeth and sisters getting ready for another ride down the hill


Snow brings out the mischief in some nuns…



The return of Sister Frostina


Silence and stillness reign


3 thoughts on “Cold and Chill – Bless the Lord!

  1. Looks like you Sisters had a great time playing in the snow. Send some of that to us here in Washington, D.C. We’ve had a bit of snow, but mostly rain, rain, rain. Alas.

    God bless you all, Sisters.



  2. So much fun! Praying that all is well at the monastery now. Such beautiful smiling faces enjoying God’s creation.


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