Ice and Snow – Bless the Lord!

Yes, the canticle attributed to Daniel and companions in the fiery furnace even tells us to give voice to ice and snow praising the Lord…of course these young men were in a fiery furnace so it is easy to see how their thoughts would drift to cold, chill, ice and snow.

Here are some photos from the ice storm we had…our driveway is treacherous.  We did not lose electricity but many many people are without power right now and the temps are going to get quite frigid over the next days. Let’s pray these people get the shelter they need.


out for a rosary walk today


this is the 3rd time this tree has been
profoundly damaged by ice


each time it seems to make a comeback…


but I am not so sure about this time


our beloved Birch tree in our cloister courtyard…
painful to look at





Time now for Evening Prayer…adios!


One thought on “Ice and Snow – Bless the Lord!

  1. Yes, it is indeed very cold looking! I trust Sister Frostina is keep guard outside. To think that we were at the Monastery at this time last February with completely different weather. Beautiful pictures. I love the beauty of icicle branches.


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