With Mary at the Foot of the Cross for 50 Years

Last week we had a glorious celebration of our Sr. Mary Dolores’ Golden Jubilee of Passionist Consecration. Her sister Betsy and favorite brother-in-law Chuck flew in from Dallas while a small group of cousins from the area and a few friends gathered on the morning of the Feast of St. Gabriel of Our Lady of Sorrows to celebrate this wonderful occasion.


The happy Jubilarian!

  Fr. John Schork CPblog2014

Our Passionist Fr. John Schork from Sacred Heart Monastery
in Louisville, KY proclaimed the Gospel.


Sister Mary Dolores lovingly renews her consecration to
Jesus Crucified as Bishop Medley looks on.


Cissy (Sr. Mary Dolores) and Betsy


Sister with her cousins


Sister with her beloved confessor Msgr Powers peeking over the shoulder, Fr. Gerald Baker, pastor from our parish in Whitesville who gave the homily, along with her classmate Mary Frances from Louisville.


 Front cover of Sr. Mary Dolores Mass booklet…Mary at the Foot of the Cross mediating God’s love to the world. The Passionist Nuns are called to share in this role through our hidden lives of prayer and joyful penance.


3 thoughts on “With Mary at the Foot of the Cross for 50 Years

  1. What a beautiful occasion, and such a testament to faith. Congratulations, Sister Mary Dolores, you are very inspiring!

  2. What a joyful woman and wonderful life devoted to Christ and his church. Congratulations, Sister Mary Dolores!


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