Monastery Rock Garden

Greetings during this holiest time of the year.  It has been some time since I posted but I have not forgotten about you our dear blog visitors – especially the “nun-mothers”!

Thought you might be interested in seeing the development of the rock garden including”Mint-henge” (Sr. Cecilia Maria’s creation!)


Here we are last fall preparing for the big dig


Top soil is removed and monstrous clay is found beneath. We also found old dog bones from our dear Barkley who has been going since 2001. It brought back fond memories of the best dog in the world!


More top-soil being removed. This was taken last fall and Elizabeth at left was here for her aspirancy.


Sr. Mary Andrea and Sr. John Mary planting crepe myrtles. Sr. Mary Andrea graciously let us take good soil from her veggie garden to create the rock garden.


Sr. Marie Michael doing her favorite thing – yard work!


Mint-henge as seen yesterday. Notice part of pile of clay off to the right.


Yesterday we went on a rock harvesting adventure


You wouldn’t believe how heavy this sandstone is!


Thankfully no one fell in the muddy water. Nora is wondering what she has gotten herself into aspiring to be a Passionist Nun in Kentucky!


It takes 2 sisters roll that stone up the incline and into the tractor bucket.


Sr. John Mary with precious treasure (and the easy job!)


Here is what it looks like as of yesterday


Happy gardening!


6 thoughts on “Monastery Rock Garden

  1. The Henge is coming along very nicely. We are looking forward to seeing it “live” soon. The orange clay dirt is very scary looking, especially when near the stream where one gets the impression you are panning for gold! Here in Washington one measures the weight of rocks by how many men it takes to lift them, hence when getting rocks one says, “I need six “Three Men Rocks” or a few “Two Men Rocks”. Thus, the sisters are dealing with “Two Nun Rocks”. Then there is me who stands on the sidewalk and waits for a strong man to come walking along and just tell him, “You look real strong, would you please help me move a large rock?” Works every time. Have a wonderful Lent and Easter! Hugs to All!

    Ha! Some of our rocks were “Five Nun Rocks” – three to roll it up the side of the creek and two more to help pull it over the top!

  2. Yay! Thank you for all of this! This brings back memories of harvesting creek rock with my parents and it encourages me to start planting soon, too. We have some marigold seeds but I think we have to wait until May to plant them. Yes, sandstone is heavy!

    The snake reference catches my attention. I’ve been seeing a lot of references to snakes lately. Someone suggested a move to Ireland, but I love Kentucky too much to do that.

    The Kentucky Wildcats are in the finals this year. Any Cats fans among you? Will any of you listen to the game?

    My daughter Teresa (age 15) says to tell you this is an awesome post!

    Ahhh…we don’t have any sports fans in the monastery. 😦
    Glad you liked the post!

  3. How beautiful! You are so fortunate to have warm weather. It looks like you are all enjoying the gardening adventure. God bless you.

  4. Ms. Nora –
    Like old times in the creek behind the house, eh?
    Miss you much, mi hermanita querida.

    Take care and enjoy the mud!

    Ms. Nora is delighted with comment from older brother. 🙂

  5. Fantastic garden and fantastic post!

    Nora!!! Enjoy that KY weather! Here in Olean there is two inches of snow overnight. 3/29/2014


  6. We can’t wait to see the finished project! Love all the smiles. Sending you all our love-
    The Johnson Clan


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