Letter to Aspiring Nun from Little Brother

Recently our aspirant received a very important letter from her 5-year-old brother in anticipation of his 6th birthday.  Nora has one older brother who is a Franciscan Friar and 4 younger brothers. Matthew is the youngest. His letter was so humorous that we thought you would enjoy reading it as well.  Of course, we received permission from the author before posting it.


Not Dear Nora,

I’m not going to write. I don’t like sweet talk.  I’m not going to tell you that I got a real bow and $5.00 from Grandpa to buy arrows. I won’t tell you that “Frozen” came out on DVD today. I absolutely refuse to tell you that I got “Tangled” for my early birthday with Grandma and Grandpa. You’ll never hear from me that I also got “Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs” and some clothes. I specifically don’t want to tell you about the bird jigsaw puzzle we are doing.

Don’t Love,


Not only does Nora have a special little brother but she also has some artistic talent which you can get a glimpse of below…


Can any one guess what this is depicting?


Well, it was the great feast of St. Joseph – the patron saint of our monastery – and in the afternoon we played a game that is a mix of hangman, charades and Wheel of Fortune.

The above drawing is a depiction of a line from the Litany to St. Joseph – St. Joseph the Terror of demons!

I hope to get another blog post out soon about our Lenten activities but thought that in the meantime I would share with you this anecdote.

The Holiest Week of the year is almost upon us! Blessings upon your Lenten journey.


5 thoughts on “Letter to Aspiring Nun from Little Brother

  1. So, I am NOT going to write this comment.

    I am surely NOT going to guess what the drawing is. I did NOT look up the Litany to St Joseph and could NOT find a three letter word that fit. Or is it three words?

    I will NOT tell you my answer.

    And I am NOT going to wish you a Happy Easter!

    NOT from Me

  2. What a precious letter Nora received from her brother! It really made me laugh — he must be a real cutie.

    Hope this Lent has showered you all with many, many blessings, Sister.

    Love in Christ,


    P.S. Jane’s response, above, is hysterical!

  3. Thank you for sharing Matthew’s non-letter with us! Nora is blessed to have such a special family. We will look forward to hearing how the Sisters’ Lenten Season is progressing!

    Have you heard from many people that this Lent seems to be bringing more-than-the-usual amount of suffering? God bless all of you!

  4. Nora’s mum directed me to this site to see a few photos of Nora, and I just told her how full of smiles Nora is! I am a friend of the family, from Kenya, and having been with Nora and her family, I can tell that she is at the right place. If Nora can read this, be assured of my prayers, and pray for me too!
    Bro. Geoffrey
    Nora will certainly see your email. Thank you for your good words and prayers and be assured of our prayers for you!


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