A Vocation Day and Postulants!

It has been forever since I wrote! We are enjoying summer very much. We had a bunch of flowers donated that beautified our gardens and our Lord is keeping them watered.

You are correct in that I wrote the word postulant in the plural – that’s is right we are about to have another postulant join Elizabeth in Passionist formation!  But first about our Vocation Day. 🙂


The above photo was taken after a fun game of Monastery Pictionary

Over the years we have had many activities and prayed many a prayer to promote Passionist life. June 7 we had 10 young women join us for our Passionist Vocation Day. The theme was “Behold This Heart” taken from the words our Lord said to St. Margaret Mary: Behold this heart which loves so much and is so little loved.  We shared with the young women about Passionist life and also about growing in intimacy with Jesus and how each of us are called to console the heart of Jesus. I took a lot of my information from Consoling the Heart of Jesus by Fr. Michael Gaitley, MIC – fantastic book which I highly recommend!

sittingbylakeblog2014sittingundertreeblog2014Reflection time…

And now to our postulants!  Our aspirant Nora returned home at the end of May and is spending good time with family and friends. At the end of July she will travel with her family to attend her brother Friar Emmanuel’s First Profession of Vows as a Conventual Franciscan in Mishawaka, IN. (Congrats to Friar Emmanuel and his 5 fellow novices!) Then they will travel here for her monastery entrance on July 27.


Nora at right with a prayer she wrote for Mother Catherine Marie in honor of her Feast day. It is a prayer in to Jesus present in the Holy Eucharist in which she uses the words of St. John Paul II from Ecclesia De Eucharistia.


Elizabeth is coming upon her 6 month mark of postulancy – Yay! Her family was just here for the past 3 days for a delightful visit. Her younger brother showed us some Tae Kwon Do forms and explained the meaning of them. Of course we had to clear the parlor to make sure he had plenty of space – he is 6 foot tall and still growing!


Friends of Elizabeth’s family did a photo shoot of the family shortly before she entered. It was a fun day and they got a lot of beautiful photos to treasure. Elizabeth is at far left. What a beautiful family!

God’s blessings upon Elizabeth’s and Nora’s response to his call in their lives will first bear fruit in their families!


One thought on “A Vocation Day and Postulants!

  1. Thank you for the informative post about the successful Vocation Day! The pictures are all so great. I would have liked to see that Tae Kwon Do demonstration in the parlor. Let’s hope the furniture is still intact!


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