Passionist Nuns

A Life of Intercession and Reparation

     “Let them have at heart the conversion of sinners…the sanctification of the neighbor, freedom of souls in purgatory and the exaltation of Holy Mother Church. Let them pray also for the Sovereign Pontiff…and for all evangelical workers…

A Life of Worship and Self-Gift

     “To this end, let them frequently offer to the Eternal Father the Passion of Jesus Christ. This being the very end of the Institude of the Daughters of the Cross and Passion of Jesus Christ.”

~ St. Paul of the Cross in his Primitive Regulations for the Passionist Nuns 1772

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Saint John the Beloved Disciple, our Blessed Mother,
Saint Paul of the Cross and Saint Gabriel of our Lady of Sorrows

     Deep in the wooded serenity of 170 acres near Whitesville Kentucky, we continue Passionist contemplative life begun in Italy by the greatest mystic of the 18th century, St. Paul of the Cross. After founding the Passionist Congregation for men he then founded the Passionist Nuns in 1771. He was driven by a desire to comfort Christ in His sacred Passion and make Him more known and loved by all.

     Through our monastic life of joyful prayer, penance, silence, solitude and virtue we enter deeply into the pierced heart of Christ, interceding for the needs of the Church and the world and giving unceasing praise and thanks to the Holy Trinity. As “Daughters of the Passion” we dwell on calvary next to our Sorrowful Mother comforting Christ her Son. This blog is consecrated to these Two Hearts.



26 thoughts on “Passionist Nuns

  1. Thank you for allowing us a peek into your lovely cloister. I offer prayers for all of you especially Sharon and Shannon in discernment. A beautiful website! We also felt the earthquake in Cleveland, OH

  2. Thanks be to God! The Passionist Nuns have a blog!!! Wow!!!

    This is wonderful. I’m passing the word about this a.s.a.p.

    Love from Lisa

  3. I just want to say that I find your blog, your charism (A Life of Intercession and Reparation) and your devotions absolutely beautiful (our Lady of Sorrows, St. Louis’ total consecration to Mary, etc.).

    I want to thank you for them and for your dedication to God. It is truly inspiring.

    I’m contemplating a vocation to the Passionists myself as a priest and should have the chance, would appreciate you remembering me in your prayers. I feel so confused and alone sometimes and truly need God’s grace to guide me and humble me.

    Thank you again and I wish you the Peace of Christ,

    Dear Patrick, how wonderful it was to hear from you! We are glad you are blessed by our spirituality. How awesome that you are discerning a vocation to be a Passionist priest. You definitely will be in our prayers. Thanks for sharing that with us and know that you are not alone. When the Lord withdraws His felt presence He desires that we seek Him even more. This is the perfect Season for just that.

    May our Lady always guide you, Sponsa Christi

  4. Dear Patrick,

    I am very close to the Passionist Nuns, indeed as a Member of the Mission Society of the Passion and of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, we are part of the Passionist Family. You can visit my blog at: If you are thinking of a vocation, you could ask Mother Catherine Marie to brief you on our Institute. You are in my prayers.

    Monsignor Michael Palud
    Prior of the Mission Society
    Vicar general of the Diocese of Mandeville

  5. Greetings to you all. I heard from some of my friends that Shannon and another sister were on EWTN. (Shannon, that didn’t take you long…I’m still trying!) I heard the audio clip from your blog. Well done. I pray it bears fruit in vocations! What a witness you all are. Shannon, I’m so happy for you and I have included you in my reconcilation talk this fall. I am talking about the woman who weeps at Jesus’ feet, and wipes them with her hair. I tell people about you and your extravagent, wasteful love for Jesus! Please pray for my fall season of missions. Schedule on my website. Pray also that TBN would welcome my programs to their network. Love, Fr. Cedric, C.P.

    Dear Fr. Cedric, how good to hear from you! Thanks for leaving a comment. I will certainly make sure Sr. Rose Marie (Shannon) reads it. We were just talking about you (all good, of course!) Sunday night while we were visiting with our dear Fr. Fred Sucher, CP. We hope one day you’ll come for a visit as well. Praying for your missions this fall and that TBN will welcome your programs as you seek to proclaim the Jesus – who is Love and Truth! May God strengthen and reward you for your daily “yes”.

  6. Dear Passionist Nuns,

    In 2009 you posted a beautful quote on the Trinity from Saint Elizabeth, “Let us join in making our days one continual communion in the morning let us awake in Love; all day long let us surrender to Love, ….” I would like to cite the quote for a paper I am writing. Do you know teh source where I can find that quote. Thank you.
    May God bless you.

    Dear Theresa, I am so sorry but I don’t know where I got that quote. I wrote it in my spiritual notebook probably 10 years ago! May Elizabeth make you a saint!

  7. Dear Sisters
    This is Clare from Singapore.
    Keeping our of you in my prayers especially the novitiate sisters.

    How we need and appreciate your prayers! Jesus draw you to His open side.

  8. Dear Sisters,

    I have been following your blog for some months — I found it through another I follow — probably attracted to your life in community because of your devotion to Christ’s Passion: I was once Moravian (Unitas Fratrum — Jan Hus and all that!), and at one point in Moravian history devotion to Christ’s wounds was prominent. (When the devotion devolved into maudlin sentimentality, it was abandoned.) I am now among the discouraged traditional/orthodox Episcopalians — a movement to commune the unbaptised, even those who do not follow our Lord has crossed my “line in the sand ” — and I will likely convert to Eastern Orthodoxy.

    I am writing today because a young man working with our arborist this morning was introduced to me as a soon-to-be Roman seminarian. We has a good conversation in which I learned his sister is exploring a vocation as a nun. I quickly told him how impressed I am with your site and the life reflected in it, and that you had a number of young women who had recently entered. (At that point, hearing only “young women” the arborist admonished me, “He’s going to be a priest, don’t talk about young women!” We had to explain we were talking religious vocations, not dating.)

    I printed several pages from your blog for the young man’s sister and taking them he exclaimed,” I know St. Joseph’s, my sister has talked about it!” Perhaps she will find her home among you.

    May our Lord continue his work among you! The young man’s name is John. Please pray for him and his vocation to the priesthood.

    With affection,


    Eleanor, God reward you for putting in a good word to us for the sister of the soon-to-be seminarian! By the way, why not become a Catholic? an Eastern Rite Catholic? May you find the Fullness of Truth and Communion for which your heart is longing! You have a place in our prayers as you seek to know and follow God’s plan for your life.

  9. Wanted sisters, we are your passionistas sisters monjas of GO-Brazil,
    we want to enter in contact, and for this we serve in
    them of the commentaries of your page in the Internet. we wait reply.


    Wanted sisters, we want already to desire to good Christmas and one year full of the favour of the Good God. We are thankful immensely for the money that orders in them, and are sending this card, so that they remember our affection and gratitude.
    In one of the letters, they had asked if we tinhamos some necessity, then we take the freedom to say to them that currently we have… We are remodelling our chapel, buying a new sacrário, a Crucifixo and some liturgical objects to give cultured more dignidadeao, as in exorta our Sto Father, any aid will be good. Construimos the apprenticeship, and after a reformularization in the community, we are looking for to firm the steps and thanks to God vocations are appearing, pray for us. We do not know as it goes to leave this translation, more we wait that they understand in them. We are sending our electronic address. They are with God, love of its sisters,

    To go. Rita and Ir. Marlene, passionistas.

    ou :

  10. I had the honor of serving in the Church of the Assumption’s choir in Bellingham, WA under the direction of Ane Kirstine. It’s a joy to read about Ane Kirstine and the other sisters of St. Joseph Monastery. I’m hoping the sisters will pray for my sister-in-law Mary, as she has been just diagnosed with colon cancer and soon begins chemotherapy and radiation therapy prior to surgery to remove a tumor. Mary is a dedicated Christian woman with a kind and tender spirit, working as an activity director for Alzheimer’s patients in a nursing home. She has a unique gift of connecting with those people who are often forgotten and ignored by friends and family. I’ve watched her treat each and every patient with dignity, respect, and a love which our culture often withdraws from people at the end of their life, especially those suffering from Alzheimers and dementia. I’ve often thought our late Holy Father, soon to be Blessed John Paul II, would have been thought her to be a role model for all of society on how all of us should give the utmost respect and dignity to all human life, from the moment of conception until natural death. This is why I have been asking Blessed John Paul II the intercede for Mary’s healing.

    Her prognosis is not good at the moment and as she begins her medical procedures, I know she is entering her “Calvary” experience. Please pray for her healing, but most of all that through this time of suffering, she grows ever closer to our Lord Jesus Christ, and never loses hope in his love for her .

    Dear John, we will certainly pray for Mary. What a heart-wrenching experience this must be for all of you. She is blessed to have a faith-filled brother-in-law like yourself. We will join you in asking her healing through the intercession of Pope John Paul II. I will make sure Ane Kirstine gets this message. Jesus bless you with His peace.

  11. Dear Sisters, Please pray for the laymen group, FIDELES, here at Holy Spirit Catholic Church in Atlanta. The FIDELES groups meet at 7AM each Monday and at 7AM each Wednesday. They are praying for vocations to the Priesthood and Sisters and Nuns. Thank you for your prayers.

    God bless, Norma

  12. Dear sisters,
    There’s a Passionist nun for whom I’ve occasionally prayed without knowing quite who she is. I came across her name on the back of an old handmade bookmark. Her name is M.M. Dolores, CP. The bookmark is of St. Teresa of Avila’s “Let nothing disturb thee” poem, hand-written, and there are very delicate flowers drawn along the left of this poem. It’s beautiful, and very well done.
    On the back of the 2″x4″ bookmark, near the bottom, is written “Ora pro me. M.M.Delores, CP.”
    I found the bookmark in an old book from a Catholic college that had closed. (the books were bought by the UAB Sterne Library in Birmingham Ala. and I found the bookmark there).
    I would love to find out something more about this Passionist nun who has asked me (through her bookmark) to pray for her. Do any of you know of an artistic M.M.Dolores, CP, past or present?
    Many thanks and God bless you, from a fellow Catholic.
    Janet in Birmingham, AL

    Janet, there isn’t a M. M. Dolores, CP presently who does artwork. I’m sorry I can’t be of more help. I will ask around and if I find anything out I’ll be in touch.

  13. Does it seem to the sisters as though many earnest souls seem to be carrying heavier and more numerous crosses recently? It seems to be the case in my family, most of my spiritual friends and others.

    Yes, the crosses do seem to have multiplied for so many people! Our Lord is calling us all to be serious Christians, co-redeemers of our world.

  14. Suatu hari nanti, jika ada waktu dan kesempatan saya ingin datang berkunjung… Salam dari saya untuk para suster semuanya…

    This is from one of our sisters in Indonesia. I translated her phrase on iGoogle. It seems it could be accurate. “Someday, if there is time and opportunity I would like to visit … Greetings from me to the sisters all …” Yes Sister Sophia – that would be wonderful!

  15. I happened to be up very late one night and saw the Passionist Nuns on EWTN. Such inspiration.
    Please pray for my husband and myself as we have decided to work with seniors in a retirment community. Some days I wonder what am I doing here? Other days I am so exhausted but there must be a reason for us to be here. Please pray that my husband and I find a joy and pray that God will give us the grace to bring happiness and joy to the elderly. Pray for us please. We haven’t been able to attend Mass on a regular basis since the first of the year and I am one who needs Mass and confession on a regular basis. Seeing ya’ll on Life on the Rock made me feel so sorry for not being the person Jesus wants me to be. So wrapped up in myself and what all I have to do. Selfish me! Pray for us please. I need to find a joy in this adventure.
    Thank you kindly, God Bless all of ya’ll

  16. Stumbled onto your website by accident. Thank you for what you do. We have a monastery in St. Louis that I use to support — miss them terribly.

    God bless you!

  17. Hi, I was googling a book someone told about called, “In the Shadow of His Wings” and this website was the first thing to come up! Awesome!! Hi Mother Catherine Marie! I’m sure you remember me. I fondly remember my visits there years ago. God bless!

  18. I am so happy I was looking for a vocation story and I find one of the sister’s story. It encourages me to not be affraid and follow my heart were I think Jesus is calling me.. .right now I am at times confused because my familly think that I am being selfish in my desire to become a religious sister. I could be wrong but why not try.
    Please sisters pray for me that only God’s will I will do. I feel like an ignorant who do not know much about anything and the poor ignorant is making a crazy choice.

  19. Dear Sisters:

    I am writing from Peru and I wanted to share the news that I now have a spiritual director who is from the passionist order. He has been guiding me since Holy Thursday and I am in a process to become a lay consecrated person under the passionist charism.

    I wanted to ask the WHOLE community to pray for me so that on the Feast of the Presentation of the Lord , I may take my temporary vows and follow him..whom I wish to give my love and souls to him…



    Dear Luigi – this is fantastic news! Praise the Lord! May He continue to sustain you in the midst of your human frailty and make you the saint He so desires.

  20. Dear Sisters,

    I kind of “stumbled” across this blog.

    Thanks be to God.

    The call to holiness is a daily call, I thought it was for real holy people and I don’t even come close .

    But I have been informed by my spiritual director , a very holy priest, that we are ALL called to holiness and to become Saints! That is the journey I am now on : to become holy and to be a Saint .
    Thanks for all your prayers and your constant radiant smiles : Christ is ALIVE!
    The Saints have been a vibrant example to me, like Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity and of course my patron saint : Saint Gemma Galgani!
    Well dear sisters thank you .
    I will pray for you , please pray for me .
    Joyfully in Christ,

  21. Thank you for reminding me of my Great Aunt!

    She was known to your order as Mother Catherine and was the MS (Mother Superior) of the order in England for many years. I stumbled across your blog while reminiscing about her today with a colleague. I do hope that Sr. Regina and Sr. Monica are well.

    I had visited them many times over the last 30 years when they were still at the convent in Badby UK. I first started visiting in the 80’s when they had the chicken houses for revenue and were still building their chapel and guest rooms at Badby House. I think about the place frequently and with fond memories.

    I think of my Aunt often and it is nice to know that there are still people who carry on her tradition. All the best.

    Adam Mathias

  22. All i know to do is ask for prayer for my friend Judy who has a brain tumor. This tumor has taken most of her memory and has her having seizuress Judy has gone from a happy person to a thin weak person. Judy has three teen age children and this is hard on them also. Please pray for Judy and her children.
    Thank you and may God be with you always.


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