On Prayer

“Prayer should be continuous, waking and sleeping, walking and standing, working and resting. Such prayer is made in the deepest part of the sacred interior desert (our baptized soul), in deepest solitude, in loving interior repose in God, totally absorbed and lost in that sea of Infinite Love.”


12 thoughts on “On Prayer

  1. Dear sisters, I would like to ask you for a prayer for a healing of my soul very deeply hurt by my previous sinful life.For many years after my conversion, devil has been constantly torturing my soul with his painful lies and dense darkness,I am not able to believe in Gods love,I am really exhausted..Please pray that Lord wash every moment of my life with His Holy Blood and heal it with His infinite Love,to experience with all my heart that I was always loved by Him,also in my sins.God bless you!++

    You are in our prayers Jane.

  2. Dear lord,pls open the windows of heaven and pour out financial blessings on my husband vinod.pls give him wisdom to do the right and protect him from all legal problems, arrest, evil and harm.thankyou.praise the lord.

  3. Dear heavenly father, in the name of jesus pls let my daughter shwetas film career take off soon.pls lord, give her good assignments and success in her assignments.thankyou lord.

  4. PLEASE Pray for my family and myself. When i pray i offer up my heart in true contrition.I did not live out my marriage vocation true and set a good example for my kids by always looking to take the easy way out! I have been very ill the last 5 months with my heart and i realize what truly is important in life i have been annoited several times and i am truly contrite to GOD and my family.So i ask for peace with in my family and conversions the illness has been a true blessing.
    God Bless Joseph Riello

  5. Kindly join me in prayer to find permanent employment soon here in Copenhagen as I have been out of a job for almost a year.

    I am a Christian and have never let go of my faith and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ.

    Thank you sincerely from the bottom of my heart in advance for all your prayer.


    Dear Lord, please grant Deborah the job she needs!

  6. I humbly ask your prayers for my son and his ex girlfriend. Please pray for their hearts to heal and forgive and help them to find love again. If it is not God’s will that they should be together, even though they still love each other, then please help them to find the one they can love for the rest of their lives. I also ask you to please pray for their safety as they are both police officers and cannot afford to be distracted by their broken hearts. Thank you Sisters for your prayers.

  7. Sisters, I do not know where to request a prayer. I have just found your website after seeing you on EWTN , I was beyond touched,
    I will keep you in my prayers & donate to you as soon as possible. Could you all pray for my son Jordan who is incarserated, has been for 7 yrs he has 3 more & he is having great trouble where he is, He needs Gods intervention to protect him from harm , trouble & further pain, He is in a Max security prioson, he is a non violent offender , How he was put in such a place at such a young age is a mystery. He had trouble with drugs, as a teenager , But why he is in such a Bad place, he is struggling with all the criminals, danger & suffering around him. Please pray for God to hold him close & heal his pain, comfort him in this time of Need, & Keep any & all harm from touching him while he is there. Thank You In Jesus name I pray with you.
    Dear Barbara Anne, please be assured of our prayers for your dear son. May St. Michael the archangel keep him safe!

  8. Dear Sisters
    Please pray for my son, Sean, that he may heal emotionally and have confidence in himself. That he may be closer to Jesus and Mary.
    God bless you,

  9. Dear Sisters,
    I’m a friend of Kathy Doyle, who is also a friend of Sister Therese Marie. On Kathy’s recommendation I’m humbly requesting healing prayers for my brother Norman who is under treatment for lymphoplasmacytic lymphoma. He carries Jesus in his heart. Many blessings upon you all,

  10. Dear Sisters,
    Please could you pray for Mary. She is very ill in hospital with cancer. Nothing is impossible to God and we all believe if we pray and fast for her, and if it be in accordance with God’s will that she will live. We believe that if you could please pray for her, God can restore Mary to full health. She is a brilliant person and so holy, it would be wonderful if you could pray for her. O Mary conceived without sin pray for Mary who has recourse to you. God bless you Sisters.


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