10 thoughts on “Poetry

  1. Do you plan to set up cloister nun community in Hong Kong?

    We don’t have any such plans but one never knows what God has in mind!

  2. What is the age limit for joining the order? Thank you, Laura

    Greetings Laura! We mostly work with women in their 20’s, sometimes with women in their 30’s although it is rare that they persevere in our life. I hope that is helpful. Write again if you have more questions.

  3. Sisters,
    Your website is just the very best, super website. I believe many young women will respond to such a loving and open community. May God continue pouring his graces down on each of you.

    The Lord bless you JoAnn! Blessed Easter!

  4. do you have a community here in U.K?

    We have 2 nuns – Sr. Regina and Sr. Monica – who live at Belmont Abbey in Belmont, Hereford, UK.

  5. Dear Sisters,

    Are the English nuns at Belmont Hereford accepting vocations or are they too elderly?

    Thank you.

    You would need to contact them about this. I am sure they would love to hear from someone interested in our Passionist charism!

  6. Dear Sisters,

    Peace be with you! I just wanted to briefly share something with you…

    I have always prayed that if anything where ever to happen to me that my last words would be to Jesus.

    Last April, while preparing for a routine colonoscopy at home, I fell into a coma. My last memory before the seizures and coma was praying the prayer to Our Lord Jesus on the Cross, written by Mother.
    I had printed from the Passionists website and prayed it every morning.
    The printed prayer rests on my laptop, on the kitchen table.

    Jesus answered my prayers. I cherish this prayer that Mother wrote and I cherish each of you.

    My Christmas gifts these past 2 years have been the Infant Resting on the Cross.

    I cherish my own….

    I humbly ask for your prayers for inner healing and I shall continue to pray and visit you on the web!

    I hold each of you in my heart as we join in the love of Our Lord Jesus and Our Beautiful Mother Mary.

    Happy Christmas!

    Colleen Comito S.F.O.

  7. Dear Coleen,

    What a scary experience! I thank God “alls well that ends well”! God reward you for sharing such a meaningful experience. I will share that with Mother Catherine Marie. Could you be more specific about which poem it is? I am unsure of which one you mentioned.

    Blessed Advent to you and all our readers!

    Sponsa Christi

  8. Most of us caught up in the world around us and it’s faux glamour never make the decision to devote ourselves to the Lord until we wake one morning with a longing to fill a void that we have tried to fill over the years with marriage, children, homes and all the other that we thought we were suppose to do. Being a mom and wife are wonderful but when the kiddies have gone and you feel you’re no longer needed life seems sort of sad and boring. By this time it’s too late for one to make the decison to become a nun and truly fill that aching void for love and meaning of life. It would be nice if those of us who couldn’t be nuns were given the opportunity to somehow adjust our lives to mimic the Passionist Nuns. How wonderful it would be to live the life of these beautiful nuns.
    I wish more girls would open their eyes to this beautiful calling and lifestyle and find true happiness. There’s so much despair and madness in the world and the young and vulnerable girls are always targeted first. I hope and pray more girls open their eyes and are not blinded to the horrible things the world tries to offer them.

  9. I love the Passionist nuns. I am entering the Passionist monastery in PA soon! Please pray for my vocation and special intentions as I pray for yours! Thanks! Mary Christmas and a blessed New Year 12 !

  10. I would like to know a little bit more about Mother Maria Magdalena of Madrid, Spain. I have a second class relic of her clothing with a tiny picture of her on the other side that I have had for many years now but still know nothing about her. All I really know is that she was born in 1888 and died around 1960.

    Kathy of Jesus

    Dear Kathy of Jesus,
    This is a great request! Unfortunately the only information I can find about Mother Maria Magdalena on-line is in Italian. http://madremaddalena.wordpress.com/ If I find information in English I will definitely share it with you our readers. Mother Magdalena – ora pro nobis!


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